Vortm (S.Sucho) born in Madrid in the 80s, he has been involved with techno and drum and bass in Madrid for over 18 years. In 2001 he became a resident of Pulse, one of the most significant drum and bass clubs of the moment.

As Zenoura has collaborated with the most important colectives of drum and bass of Madrid where he has always left his mark by his risky and precise technique behind the plates and his musical selection, always far from the expected.

In 2016 under the alias Vortm start looking for a new path founding the techno label Metaphor Records where he signed his first reference, «Parallel». An ep of 4 tracks with a complex production, split rhythms and analog melodies.

The German label Subkultur edits its next ep «No Death» and Gastpiel Records includes one of its tracks, «Push Demon», in its compilation of best industrial techno of emerging artists of the moment.

Vortm - Metaphor Podcast 04


Otro viaje hipnótio de Vortm.