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Dan Böhler - Isolated Ep

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Army of Dead
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Psycho Ballad
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Wrong Thought
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Altered States

Dan Böhler is well known in the underground scene of Madrid. His work is based on analogical experimentation and his first work for Metaphor Records, Isolated, consists in three dark and intense tracks orientated to the dance floor.

Supported by: Bass Mooy, Marco Carola, Paula Cazenave,Danny Tenaglia, Joton, Dome, Roberto Romero Paraiso, Patrick DSP, Raszia, Phone, Aurelio Cianciotta, , Louk, Forest People, Neglëk, Rezeed, Relapso, Franco Bianco, Orde Meikle, Louk, Samot, Drop-E, Jnas Kopp, Casual Tratment, Gotshell, Paula Cazenave, C-system…

Some feedbacks:

HD Sustance : «Excellent work 02 my pick»

Angel Molina: «Will play ‘Altered States’, looks efficient. Also nice the ultra dark ‘Wrong Thought’. Thanks.

Casual Treatment: “Sick tracks ! Wrong Thought and Altered States are my favorites.”

C-System: “Awesome !!”

Tensal: “Nice stuff here,really into a couple of this…,thx!”

Vertical Spectrum: “Massive release and heavy altery for the dance floor, love it!!”

Electronic Cafe Radio: “Böhler works getting better and better, Psycho Ballad is a force demonstration, really nice track. Thanks for the whole release, specila hitson Altered States too. Great!”

Atmosfera 3: “inquietantes sonidos”