Since the planisphere shows the celestial sphere in a printed flat, there is always considerable distortion. Planispheres, like all charts, are made using a certain projection method. For planispheres there are two major methods in use, leaving the choice with the designer. Using this projection the sky is charted centered on one of the celestial poles, while circles of equal declination; the celestial equator lie equidistant from each other and from the poles.

ArtWork: Frank Peroni.
Mastering by S.G.Sucho.

Exclusive on Beatport:
13 February 2018
General Realese:
27 February 2018

Mordio Planisphere Ep.

01- Mordio - ADV
02- Mordio - Hamal
03- Mordio - Dabih
04- Mordio - Nunki

We’re very excited to announce our fourth reference by the German producer Mordio, one of the promoters of the Subkultur label.

Mordio focuses on split rhythms, absorbent atmospheres and thick and distorted bass. All a trip.

Supported by: Forest People, Pacou, Temudo, Aurelio Cianciotta, Jay Clarke, Francois X, Emika Elena, Code 701, Orde Meikle, Motzler, Neglëk, Joseph Capriati, Sstrom, Rob Hall, Ivan Madox, Drop-E, Raszia, Patrick DSP, Hector Sandoval, Antonio Vázquez, Levan, Mauricio Atencia, Etapp Kyle, Moog Conspiracy, Nöle, Positive Centre, Couch Lock, Fon, Cyklos, Samot, Gotshell, Bodyscrub, Marco Carola, Surit, Antonio de Angelis, Tony Verdi, Ximo Noguera, Groff

Some feedbacks.

CTRLS “Amazing textures and atmosphere work on this release. Thanks!”

Hydrangea » Thanks for the promo! Very interesting EP, I really like the general mood and especially Dabih!»

Domen “Good sounds and great tunes, thanks!!”

Alderaan “Really interesting sound design”

Dj Pete  “very good bass heavy broken techno”

Rommek “Interesting ideas. Thanks for sending.”

Raíz “Fresh broken beats”

Relapso “fresh new music, is what we need in techno!”